November 4

11-04-2022Notes from the PrincipalMrs. Jamie Bescak

Dear Parents,

This week we were reminded of how blessed we are that our students are allowed to embrace and celebrate our Catholic faith at school. We celebrated All Saints Day with our precious first graders dressed as saints as they processed into church to the tune of “The Saints Go Marching In” on Tuesday.

On Thursday our 7th graders created a Living Museum of Saints throughout our campus. Preschool–8th-grade students, teachers, and parents enjoyed strolling through our campus listening to the saints tell their stories and answer questions about their saint's life. We were all so impressed with how well-versed our 7th-grade students are with their knowledge of saints!

Lastly, I would like to invite all of our parents, grandparents, and community-member veterans to join us Friday, November 11 at 8:00am in front of our school for our annual Veterans Day Flag Ceremony. I also encourage you to invite your family and friends considering a Catholic education to attend our Open House from 8:00–11:00am. Even if they are not in preschool or kindergarten, our School Advisory Board members and Campus Ambassadors would love to show them around our beautiful campus.  

Joyful Blessings,
Jamie Bescak, M.Ed., Principal