Resource Specialist

A resource specialist is a teacher who provides students with extra help and support. Here at St. John Bosco, we believe academics should be delivered in a way that meets the needs of all students.

By offering differentiation in our classrooms, we can achieve this most of the time. Some students, however, learn at a different pace and/or they need extra time and support with concepts. Sometimes students learn better in smaller groups or one-on-one rather than with the whole class.

Your child’s resource teacher will:

  • Help your child’s classroom teacher create new ways to help your child.
  • Occasionally pull small groups of children to the Resource Room to work on specific skills.
  • Facilitate small groups or individuals within the classroom.
  • Work closely with teachers and parents.

If you believe your child is not moving towards meeting their grade level goals, please set up a conference with your child’s classroom teacher. Talk about your concerns, discuss your child’s growth in the classroom, and come up with ways both you and the classroom teacher can give your child more support. Some examples of additional support might be:

  • special homework or take-home activities to help in particular areas
  • weekly or daily progress reports sent home about student's behavior and work
  • referral to the Resource Room
  • recommendations for outside tutoring

While your child’s teacher is your best resource for information on what your child is learning in the classroom, below is some additional information and activities for you to explore to help your child reach their goals.

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