August 4

08-04-2023Notes from the PrincipalMrs. Jamie Bescak

Throughout the past week, we have experienced a profound sense of faith, togetherness, and enthusiasm as we make final preparations for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year. Beginning with morning Mass celebrated by our own Fr. James, our dedicated faculty and staff participated in a full-day, interactive religious retreat at Corpus Christi Church led by Sr. Mary Beverly of the Diocese of Phoenix. The rest of the week was jam-packed with various trainings including a thorough review of school guidelines, updated technology features, comprehensive instruction in the NEW English Language Arts curriculum, sessions in Teach for Transformation (DWP), and updated school safety protocol. On top of all that, teachers have been diligently setting up their classrooms in anticipation of Monday’s big event!

Yes, all of us are looking forward to warmly welcoming all students during the K–8 Meet the Teacher event, this Monday, August 10 from 3:30–5:30pm. Parents of preschool students should take note of the specific sign-up slots provided by Preschool Director Krissy Bileski which includes a morning slot from 8:00–11:00am or an afternoon slot from 3:30– 5:30pm, as previously mentioned in the email communication.

Your first stop will be the MPR to make sure your RenWeb and FACTS accounts are completed, and you have filled out the following back-to-school forms: 

  1. Health Information Card
  2. Parent/Student Handbook
  3. Financial Agreement 
  4. Chromebook Agreement Grades 6–8

When all required items are complete, you will receive an envelope with your child’s new class assignment. Then you may proceed to your child’s classroom and meet the teacher. We encourage you to bring your child’s classroom supplies (see list below) at this time to ease the hustle and bustle on that first day. Used uniforms will also be available for purchase (cash or check) at deeply discounted prices.

And on that exciting first day of school, we will attend Mass all together again! Families are welcome to join us at 1:00pm as Fr. James leads our K–8th students in a Eucharistic procession around the school campus and then into the MPR for Mass. Students are asked to wear their “Mass uniform” (white polo) on the first day of school. We will also attend Mass on Friday at 8:15am, in which all students are required to wear their Mass uniform. Please see the dress code for further details. 

Enjoy your last weekend of summer! I can’t wait to see you on Monday at Meet the Teacher!